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NDIS Brochures

The Australian Government National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides the following information to help you consider School Leaver Employment Support to assist you and your child to transition from school into a career pathway.

Informative about the NDIS and SLES

The key difference between DES and SLES is the participant’s current readiness for open employment and the time it might take to prepare participants to build independent living and vocational skills. A SLES participant may need up to 2 years to develop the aspiration, confidence and demonstration of skills sufficient to meet DES criteria.

More information: Difference between SLES and DES

Information Brochures

ON-Q offers a variety of supports as part of SLES service deliver.

Download our informative brochure on School Leaver Employment Support offerings.

Download SLES Brochure (PDF)


Apprenticeship Career Choices

Have you or your child considered an apprenticeship or traineeship as a career pathway?  There are over 500 qualifications available and support is available to encourage employers to uptake persons with disability into a traineeship or apprenticeship.

You can even start an apprenticeship or traineeship while still at school, where you can learn valuable work place skills and start a career pathway.

A-Z Guide to Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Download A-Z Guide (PDF)

School Based Apprenticeships

Download School Based Apprenticeships Brochure (PDF)

Career Assessment Tools

Finding a career that suits you can be hard. Are you an outdoorsy type or prefer an office environment? Do you work better in a team or solo? Are you a detailed person or a creative?

Our no-cost Cognisess Career Assessment tool can help you discover what career path suits you! Through a series of games and quizzes (it takes about 45 minutes but you don’t have to complete all at once), you will receive a detailed report on your workplace personality and the best career pathways for you.  Just click Sign Up to get started!


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