After 8 years, Laurel has now found work!

After 8 years, Laurel has now found work!

Laurel had spent eight long years searching for work before coming to ON-Q in the hope that the Disability Employment Services provider could do something that other recruitment companies had failed to achieve for her.

At first Laurel was skeptical that ON-Q could support her into work, such was her past experiences, but it wasn’t long before she realised the one-to-one, personalised service that she received through ON-Q was different.

Laurel struggles with health issues, including osteoarthritis and hypothyroidism, and also battles anxiety and depression. Her confidence was at an all time low and it took some time to build this up again, working closely with her employment consultant at ON-Q, Narelle.

With support from Narelle, Laurel managed to get to interview stage a few times until finally being succesful in her application for a role with Stella, supporting them with administration and in the call centre.

Laurel was ecstatic!

“Working with Narelle at ON-Q has been the best experience I have ever had with Employment Services. She is so empathetic and I would highly recommend her”, Laurel stated.

Jason Shield, CEO of ON-Q stated “ON-Q take an individual approach with our job seeker clients, working closely with them and tailoring the best plan for them to find work that suits their abilities and current life situation. Besides the financial reward, employment can also provide much needed social interaction and a sense of purpose, which contributes to self-esteem and a healthy outlook. We are really happy for Laurel and look forward to following her career path moving forward”.

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