School Leaver Employment Support

Leaving School? What’s your next move?

It’s all about you – your dreams, your ambitions, your journey

There’s a whole world beyond the classroom and it’s full of choices. Should I get a job? Do more study? Learn a trade or profession? It’s a lot to think about and through our School Leaver Employment Support we can help you explore your strengths, identify opportunities and develop the skills and confidence to reach your goals.


Our School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) service will prepare you to transition from school and achieve your goals. Whether it be employment; support to participate in TAFE, college or other community services; help with literacy and numeracy, budgeting, using transport and other life skills; or help to find and keep a job. Through our SLES service, we can provide you with a range of supports for up to two years to assist you to become work-ready.


SLES supports will be tailored to meet your individual employment goals. In general, you will receive SLES support for about 3 days per week, however, the actual days and hours of support received will vary and be agreed between you and your ON-Q Support Planner.



The choice of activities you participate in as part of SLES will be determined by you and align with the goals in your NDIS plan. For example, you might want to develop budgeting skills or gain independence through travel training. Alternatively you might want to build your workplace communication skills. Your ON-Q Support Planner will help you to consider your post-school options that will best contribute to you achieving your employment goals.

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