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Diversity in the Workplace


ON-Q supports persons with an illness, injury or disability to find, or remain in, employment. Employing someone with disability in your workplace adds diversity which is linked to increased staff morale, teamwork, social responsibility and a positive corporate brand.

Candidate placement


The team at ON-Q listen first to your recruitment needs and can match you with a person that can fulfill the job role requirements. We have a large database of work-ready candidates ready to start!

Free Recruitment Service + Employee Support

Wage incentives


When employing a person with disability your business may be eligible for wage subsidy assistance. Our consultants can tell you more about your eligibility when considering employing one of our candidates.


Access to Workplace Modifications


If required, ON-Q can provide access to funding for any necessary work modifications to ensure your new employee is fully equipped to perform their role. These include special computer equipment, modifications to the work area and more.

Support for your current employees


If you have a current employee with an injury, illness or disability, we can also provide access to support services to assist them to remain in employ. We work with you and the candidate to get the best outcome for both.


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Free Recruitment Service + Employee Support

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